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Thursday, February 28, 2008 - 12:00 PM

Okay, so this was the last day of the Wendy's combo-download giveaway. This had to be the best promo in my burger-biting lifetime! I was stopping at the burger joint regularly, coupons for BK be darned! I was willing to pay a bit more to get a free music download out of it. The happy meal for the 20-something :)
Now, with cup codes strewn across my desk, I had to decide which songs I wanted to get. Definitely wanted mp3 format-I�ve seen the writing on the wall, and it's clearly saying that that's the way to go from here on out. Didn't want songs I already had, so I burned my entire current CD collection to my harddrive (not that I own a lot of CDs�:) ) and double-checked to ensure I wouldn't get a duplicate. I also eliminated songs that I thought I might buy on a CD in the near future (either new or used from my sister-as she is strapped for cash, she has begun selling some of her old, overplayed discs to me). So, that left a handfull of tunes, which I pared down further, thanks to a notepad file I�ve been keeping of songs I�ve always wanted!

One of which was �what hurts the most�, by rascal flats. I first heard it a while ago, most memorably when I went to Pennsylvania to visit Corie. I was driving my new red car on its first ever out-of-state trip, up I-83. Beautiful rural scenery abounded as I turned the dial to a country music station (Corie loathes country). It was such a nice song, and it kind of reminded me of us a bit. So, I definitely associate certain songs with certain points of my life, or life experiences. So, it was important to me that I have that song.

So, I go onto rhapsody and type in the title. There were several different versions, and I decided to compare a handfull with the original. One was by a Mark Willis, whom I believe was part of rascal flats at one point. It sounded alright; it just wasn't how I remembered it, driving those many miles to see my dear Corie. So I listen to the original. Much better! I right click on the song title and hastily push okay. The problem was, it was the wrong one! The mark Willis one!!! Gaaaahh! Why?!? :)

Well, I�ve had songs that sound like the real deal before, but not quite, and I�ve gotten used to those. So, I kept listening to it, over and over. Nope. Just wasn't working for me. I couldn't return it of course. Then, I remembered that while emptying the trash at work one night, I found a cup code and jotted it down on a scrap of paper. I found it and wondered if it would work, as the previous owner of the cardboard soda-holding vessel may have done the same months ago. But it did.* Now here was the dilemma though: should I get the version I want with the free song code, having a duplicate of essentially the same song, or should I just stick with Willis and download something different? Oh, the pain of deciding! Oh the heartache! Oh, the earache! :) I think I will simply do the former and follow a precedent; I have at least one song that is slightly unique from its supposed doppelganger.

But what if I want the cascada version?

*special note-I did dramatize this a bit; the paper-scrap code was the first code I imputed. I merely had more codes than I had originally received, so I could get another song. But it sounds so much cooler like it is, doesn't it!?!

If someone had told me 12 years ago that I would be having such a crisis over a country music song, I would have laughed-my tastes have broadened for the better!
Next Time--Old School, New Way to Find a Former Student...

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