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Friday, Sept. 08, 2023 - 8:35 PM

So, what have I been up to after all this time? Since 2008? Well, back then, I had graduated UMBC. I was also working at a toy store in Annapolis (fun work! It didn't pay much compared to nowadays, but I was great at it, and enjoyed it).

Then the Great Recession hit, and I really floundered when it came to looking for a long-term career. I applied to various sectors, focusing on work that would make use of my degree in Geography. However, everything I did, when I did get work (much less an interview, much much less a call back) was short-term and temporary. Or it was an unpaid internship.

So, I decided to go to graduate school. To become a real-life urban planner‐-Just like Sim City-- was my goal. At the very least, I told
myself, I'd be able to use my new found
knowledge to be the best Sim City player ever!

The professors were very smart, and helpful. My classmates were very high-brow and sophisticated. I had a very different--and much more successful experience at Morgan State University than I did in my undergraduate days.

to be

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